Audiobook Nearing Release

Author Nelle Cooper

Nelle Cooper is traveling, emailing, face booking, and meeting many new people. One particularly exciting event is the audio recording of Princess Lil. The MP3 version will soon be available on Amazon books. Through the generous donation of WMPC Christian Radio of Lapeer, Michigan (the oldest continuous Christian broadcasting station in America), they have made this audio version available. Thank you WMPC! You can see a picture on Nelle Cooper’s facebook page.


The effort for an audio version came about when a friend mentioned audio books are helpful to children who experience challenges when reading. He shared, a child he knows, follows along in the book as he listens to the audio version. Another person suggested, children with special needs are often targets of bullying behavior. A father shared his child had a very high IQ and was bullied for being too smart. Wherever I present this book, people share their stories. Actually, when I started researching the market for this book, the clerk working in the bookstore shared her memories of being bullied. That was a confirmation, to write this story. If people continue to share the pain of such experiences twenty, thirty, even forty, years later maybe healing could start through discussing the questions at the back of the book. Perhaps children would feel support and encouragement, in the sharing of stories from their parents or other people. Could Princess Lil bring the message of hope?