Frequently Asked Questions

How did you decide to write the book Princess Lil.

I was taking a road trip with one of my grand-daughters and we started talking about challenges at school. Then she shared that she had started horseback riding and she really liked her horse. The ideas started to form from that discussion.


Why did you decide to write about horses?

I had a riding horse when I was a girl. My grandpa came to the farm every day and he took care of the team of draft horses. He brushed them and braided their tails. He would lift me up to set on their backs. My legs stuck out straight, they were so wide.


Who is your favorite character in the book?

Maybe it’s Taffy, she is little and she tries hard to do things right and be helpful.

She likes to dance and sing.


Is anything in the book, based on your life?

I have mentioned a couple, my riding horse and the draft horse. I like to imagine what animals would say if they could talk.


How do you get names for characters?

Usually the names come to mind as I write. I picture the character, and then I find a name that fits my picture. Sometimes I have an image in mind or more likely a combination of. The names are fun because once they are named their personality begins to shine.


Why do you write in the name Nelle Cooper?

I like the name Nelle because it is not commonly used today and the name Cooper is easy to pronounce. Nelle means light and Cooper is from Copper originally and means to shine or reflect light. I hope when people read my books they remember the message, not the author.