Princess Lil

Princess Lil by Nelle Cooper

Princess Lil is a sad pony. Her little girl grew up and went away. Now Lil is in a scary place with lots of mean ponies.

A fun furry farm-cat called Taffy and a nice roan horse named Pearly try to help. It even looks like Princess Lil might have a chance to cheer up special-needs children, too, but she is already too hurt and too sick.

Princess Lil is about the differences between loyal friends and those who bully others. It shows the power of caring about ourselves and the people who look out for us.

Is it too late for a sad pony in a scary place? The answer might just depend on how much we all love Princess Lil.

ISBN: 978-1-936442-16-4 

Pages: 82     Format: Paperback

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Acclaim for Princess Lil

“I am so grateful for the privilege of previewing “Princess Lil,” and look forward to sharing it with family, friends and in my counseling practice.”

Judy Church, LMSW, ACSW


“More fairy tale than a parable, “Princess Lil” incorporates functions of the fairy tale: absentation, interdiction, violation, reconnaissance, delivery, trickery etc. while it weaves in age-appropriate lessons for the courage necessary for modern schoolyard bullying, the happiness gleaned from service, and the importance and staying power of the Word of the Lord. The storyteller delivers a fast-moving tale without becoming didactic or using condescending language for a younger audience.”

From Rohn Federbush, author of “Salome’s Conversion.


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