Devotional 9 23 2013

September 23, 2013    Monday

Psalm 1, is brief, only six verses, but it echoes the concerns of parents and grandparents as they pause each day to pray for their freshmen college students. Between those prayers they ponder. Will this new student walk in the counsel of the wise, stand in the place of the upright, discern the seat of the scoffers, and will they consider their own foundation? Will they not wither? Will they not be driven by the wind? Will they stand tall and be nourished by sound teaching and will they yield fruit?

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Jelly Side Up

Sept. 19, 2013             JELLY SIDE UP

   One day when the children were small and we were experiencing a morning of rushed confusion, numerous mishaps, misplaced homework, a lost shoe, and all the usual situations that create chaos. As I spread peanut butter and jelly onto a warm slice of toast and stepped back, a child scurried around my legs. I raised my arms; the knife clung to the bread briefly, the toast flipped up spinning into the air, twirled and hurled itself toward the floor. In that moment, I uttered the prayer of a mother near her stress threshold.

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Berry Season at Mulberry Hill

Author Nelle Cooper

It is berry season at Mulberry Hill. The Mulberry trees produce a large harvest every other year and this was the year for thimble size berries. It is sad to see so many berries on the ground due to the multiple windstorms that have sailed through our area.

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The Joy of a Letter

First, I would like to thank God for making this book possible. It is my hope that in the reading of this book, a child will be encouraged in their desire to know Him. To the many people who encouraged and participated, I express a deep and heartfelt thank you.

 Yesterday I received a photo of a girl, wearing her pajamas, sitting on her bed reading Princess Lil; she included a hand written note, and she had addressed the envelope. If I obtain her permission, I will share it, the note only, on my facebook page.

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