Psalm 39 Slipping past the tongue

One Biblical reference stated- the tongue is set in a moist place so it is prone to slip!

This Psalm opens -"I will guard my ways, that I may not sin with my tongue. I will guard my mouth with a muzzle--" The spoken word once launched can never be retrieved. How does that apply to our modern days of twitter, facebook, linkedin and emails?


Is the muzzle now our delete key. I recently attended a writers conference and the speaker at one workshop speaking on 'respecting confidentiality' suggested a writer might consider having a journal, or file they titled FGEO - or For God's Eyes Only! Our thoughts may be valid, certainly David gave utterance to bold and angry thoughts. We read the Psalms and we think 'other people have felt my frustration and anger'. It gives a confirmation we are 'normal'. 

Read this beautiful Psalm, pray and consider what it teaches. Should you type those words or post that comment? Should you press delete key or the send key? Weigh your words, weigh their impact. Words are not simple they are complex and powerful. We all have wounds from words.

"For I am a sojourner with you,"- Psalm 39 vs. 12b 

Blessings on your day,