only one- Psalm 14

Read Psalm 14, and think about the number 1, just one-!Does it sometimes seem that those who do not believe in God are everywhere. Do you remember when you were a teen and you tried to use the group logic on your parents - the "everybody is doing it- argument. Now you are older, do you tend to turn to group think logic and say 'they' are all turning away from God. Are you turning away from God? That's one- Start looking for the 1- that person you know who fervently prays for others, the person offering a coat or a meal to someone they do not know- a pastor or Bible teacher committed to teaching God's word. No my friend 'they' all are not turning away from God. This Psalm tells us many are, but be encouraged, you can make a difference in someone's today. The number 1 is important, God proved that, when one man died for your sins.

May your day land - Jelly Side Up.

Nelle Cooper