Psalm 6

Psalm 6

(In this Psalm David seems in anguish over sin.)

The pain of an ache is different from the pain of a cut or a wound. An ache is deep.

A tooth ache can render one unaware of any other part of their body. It is a small example of bone pain.

Bone pain is so deep it throbs. There seems no limit to its depth.

Agony -How would you describe agony?


That is the pain of Psalm 6 – the agony of pain perhaps caused by a friend. Psalm 6 tells us,

The Lord has heard the weeping of his child. He has heard his prayers. It is the Lord who gives mercy.

Only by the grace of our Lord can we give mercy. Mercy that fills the hollow of pain, renews, restores

and heals.

Please read Psalm 6 today.

Perhaps there is a wound you have not addressed. A mercy you have not extended.