Devotional Psalm 5

Devotional for 11-4-13

Psalm 5: 3 O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice, in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.

            For a midnight employee, especially a nurse, morning has a different meaning. The break of dawn means the night is over. Now those long, lingering hours from three a.m. to six a.m. have passed. Light creeps across the eastern sky and parts the darkness of night. The sun rises into a globe of gold to bring another day; hope fills the hearts of people. It is amazing how many people do not acknowledge the sense of hope that comes with the dawn. Over the years, I have cared for frightened, lonely and hurting people, who anguish through the long dark night. I have seen their eyes as the light of day enters their hospital room window. Their expression shares relief and the resolve, “I made it through the night, I can make it through this.”


            Those who know the glory of morning and the one, who created this amazing dawn, also prepare themselves for the day. They offer up their sacrifice, their work, their task for today, and pray for guidance. No one knows what the day will bring, but knowing the Lord hears their voice and receives their offering encourages them.

            The third word is watch. We watch for God’s answers, his guidance, his teaching, and his blessings. When we watch, we see. We don’t always see because we are not watching. Once I took a college class. I walked by a beautiful rose garden for almost two months before I realized it was there. If I had been watching, I would have seen it.

            Read Psalm 5. Lift up your prayers, offer up your sacrifice, and watch.  He is an amazing God.