Psalm 4

Psalm 4                                                                                                    10-29-13

The words of Psalm 4 remind us it is God, who answers when we call. In this age of technology, it is so easy to miss one digit in an email, or miss the last notation, .org or .com or .net. Guessing does not always help. If we miss, one _ underscore, one digit, one letter or one number the address is wrong and the email will not go through. After several attempts, it is easy to sit back and reconsider how much we need to contact this person.


            This does not happen in Psalm 4, the psalmist knows exactly to whom he is speaking; his appeal does not go unheard. He recalls how God has answered his prayers in the past. He ponders the relationship and speaks of abounding joys in his heart. In peace,…he willingly gives up his complaints to dwell in the safety of the one who created him and loves him beyond measure.  

May you rest this night in the peace of His love,

From Nelle’s Corner