Have a wonderful day!




Greetings from Mulberry Hill,

“Have a wonderful day.”

 This remark offers both a challenge and an opportunity. It presents you with the choice, to have a wonderful day or to not have a wonderful day.

 How does ‘wonderful day’ compare with a ‘wonder-filled’ day?


I am amazed at the multitude of opportunities we have to view our day as wonderful or wonder filled. Most of us were about tabletop height the last time we had a wonder filled day.

 My friend shared a precious moment with me the other day. She described observing her daughter, about the age of two, when the child discovered she was the master of her shadow. At her command, her arm went up and the arm of the shadow duplicated her gesture. She kicked out her leg and the dark shadow was forced to respond in like.

She held discovery and power at her command.  

A memory her mother will hold forever.

                                         That my friends, is a wonder- filled day.

 From Nelles' corner