Devotional 9 23 2013

September 23, 2013    Monday

Psalm 1, is brief, only six verses, but it echoes the concerns of parents and grandparents as they pause each day to pray for their freshmen college students. Between those prayers they ponder. Will this new student walk in the counsel of the wise, stand in the place of the upright, discern the seat of the scoffers, and will they consider their own foundation? Will they not wither? Will they not be driven by the wind? Will they stand tall and be nourished by sound teaching and will they yield fruit?


We pray trusting and God answers our prayers in His season. They will return and ask, Mom, Dad or Grandma or Grandpa “Did you know….?” It’s wonderful to see their minds nourished and to witness their discernment exercised. Take a moment to read Psalm 1 and thank God for His abundant blessings.

Blessings to you from

 Nelle’s Corner