Berry Season at Mulberry Hill

Author Nelle Cooper

It is berry season at Mulberry Hill. The Mulberry trees produce a large harvest every other year and this was the year for thimble size berries. It is sad to see so many berries on the ground due to the multiple windstorms that have sailed through our area.

I freeze several quarts of berries for smoothies and make the remaining into pie filling for the tarts. Our guests enjoy tarts with homemade lemon curd and mulberry filling.  Perfecting the pie-filling recipe has taken serious time and effort.


The red currant bush provided a quart of beautiful berries. I will make jelly and serve it with Christmas dinner.


My neighbor, Dale, cultivated a row of black currant bushes and they are plentiful. Hope to dehydrate some to have during the winter.


After years of waiting, weeding, fertilizing and waiting, the blackberry bushes have berries. They are tenderly nestled under netting to thwart the birds.


The raspberries are ripe and we are picking every other day. Our favorite raspberry treat is an old recipe our  mother’s used to make. -So simple and so good, from Anna and Edith.


Pink Raspberry Fluff

1 cup of frozen raspberries

1 cup of sugar

1 egg white – **(I use powdered egg white and double the amt. of powder.)

Beat this with the mixer on high until it is fluffy. Don’t ask me why frozen raspberries work

best, they just do.


Serve over wedges of angel food cake or cupcakes. Decorate with a mint leaf and a plump raspberry. (Best if not prepared too far ahead.)