The Joy of a Letter

First, I would like to thank God for making this book possible. It is my hope that in the reading of this book, a child will be encouraged in their desire to know Him. To the many people who encouraged and participated, I express a deep and heartfelt thank you.

 Yesterday I received a photo of a girl, wearing her pajamas, sitting on her bed reading Princess Lil; she included a hand written note, and she had addressed the envelope. If I obtain her permission, I will share it, the note only, on my facebook page.


I read the message, refolded it and slid it back into the envelope. Then I placed it in the Princess Lil album. I will read it again. Do you have a letter, one or two special letters tucked away in a jewelry box or a diary, maybe a family Bible? Nothing compares with the pleasure of unfolding the pages of a precious handwritten letter and rereading it, again and again, over the years. I have a few tucked away. The last three letters my mother wrote. I reread them each year near her birthday. A letter my mother saved for forty-eight years. My father’s eldest sister, Evelyn, wrote  the letter to my mother, on the occasion of my parents engagement, welcoming her to the family and writing of the joy, the three sisters shared, seeing their brother so happy. I keep that letter too. There are a few others not many, but each one is very special to me.

When I received the letter from this young girl, I smiled, thinking, “what a rare and precious gift it is to receive a handwritten letter in this day of text and tweet.

I would like to encourage you to take a few minutes one day soon, pull out a piece of stationary and write a long overdue note to someone you love. Hallmark has a corner on the commercial market but nothing in print can compare with a few words you penned because you wanted her/him or them to know you care.

Lydia’s picture and letter are in a special place.