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Psalm 6

Psalm 6

(In this Psalm David seems in anguish over sin.)

The pain of an ache is different from the pain of a cut or a wound. An ache is deep.

A tooth ache can render one unaware of any other part of their body. It is a small example of bone pain.

Bone pain is so deep it throbs. There seems no limit to its depth.

Agony -How would you describe agony?

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A Job Description

Have you read your job description recently? Have you applied for a job, or written a job description? Have you ever ask to read your pastor’s job description? Did your husband write a ‘wife’ job description before you were married? Did you write a ‘husband’ job description? Did your children write a ‘Mom’s job description? What woman would apply for her children’s job description?? Think about it! Even in the glow of love it might be challenging to read the expectations of a future spouse. Holding that newborn is overwhelming enough without being handed a list of the child’s expectations.

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Jelly Side Up: 11-4-13

            Landing Jelly Side Up is a blog about the moments.

Those moments when everything seems out of control and landing jelly side up would appear to be is a ridiculous prayer. However, women understand ‘ridiculous. They have experienced those moments when living like Alice in Wonderland is more the norm than not. A family schedule impossible for any one person to manage.

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Devotional Psalm 5

Devotional for 11-4-13

Psalm 5: 3 O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice, in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.

            For a midnight employee, especially a nurse, morning has a different meaning. The break of dawn means the night is over. Now those long, lingering hours from three a.m. to six a.m. have passed. Light creeps across the eastern sky and parts the darkness of night. The sun rises into a globe of gold to bring another day; hope fills the hearts of people. It is amazing how many people do not acknowledge the sense of hope that comes with the dawn. Over the years, I have cared for frightened, lonely and hurting people, who anguish through the long dark night. I have seen their eyes as the light of day enters their hospital room window. Their expression shares relief and the resolve, “I made it through the night, I can make it through this.”

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Psalm 4

Psalm 4                                                                                                    10-29-13

The words of Psalm 4 remind us it is God, who answers when we call. In this age of technology, it is so easy to miss one digit in an email, or miss the last notation, .org or .com or .net. Guessing does not always help. If we miss, one _ underscore, one digit, one letter or one number the address is wrong and the email will not go through. After several attempts, it is easy to sit back and reconsider how much we need to contact this person.

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