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Grace before the meal

Jelly Side Up!    ‘cranberry jelly on the tablecloth’

There are lots of preparations going on today for Thanksgiving dinner.

As I break the bread for the stuffing, and roll out piecrust,

I am humming an old hymn. It begins,

     “Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that will pardon”----

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Psalm 8

Psalm 8

Oh Lord, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth.

You have set your glory above the heavens.

--Such verses are words that can stop us amid a busy day filled with tasks.

We make our to-do lists and plan our activities.

There seems to be something missing, something we cannot put our finger on.

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Getting to know you

Jelly Side Up!

Getting to know you. It is the lyrics of an old song that makes me think of Thanksgiving.

I think of all the people who are gathering and do not know each other. Yes, they may be related but they could not write down any information about the people with whom they will spend the day.

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Psalm 7

Psalm 7

In Psalm 7, David recognizes the battle is for the soul.

He studies and questions, his own motives and acts.

He makes a plea to be righteous. He releases his enemies to God.

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Not the boss of me

Welcome to Jelly Side up!


Every mother has seen the look. That defiant glare with accompanying gestures.

It starts young before you expect it. (Most stages children go through arrive before parents expect them.—especially the day they depart from home.

Today’s blog is about being the BOSS!

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