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Beauty and Ice

Jelly Side Up

Perhaps you are thinking I missed writing on my blog because of the power outage! Not so. My computer was shut down with friendly fire. Microsoft attached a banner requiring me to download (free) windows 8.1. After hearing hair raising tales about that software I declined. Well, I tried to decline. The banner incapacitated my computer requiring me to drive to the computer store to have a technician remove it and unlock my computer. With the ice, snow and holiday traffic the hour and a half journey became a mission. Thank you to a very nice technician, Jelly Side Up is running again.

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Welcome to Jelly Side Up! 


We are waiting for a baby. Not urgently waiting because he is not due

until February. But we are waiting! The whole family is waiting!

Have you ever waited for a baby? I mean really waited?

There is waiting for the test, waiting for the announcement, waiting for the ultrasound and waiting for the-- delivery. Sometimes the ‘happening’ takes a while. Sometimes there are disappointments and grieving.

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Psalm 10

December 10, 2013

Psalm 10 "Why oh Lord are you far away?"

When I see the people, especially children

in need at Christmas, I wonder about the phrase that opens Psalm 10.

Why does it seem sometimes God is ‘so’ far away?

Then I realize He is not far away. He is as near as the person who sees another’s need.

He is as near as you and I. God is far away when we look past the bell ringer for the Salvation red kettle, or the toys for tots boxes.

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What's cookin?

Jelly Side Up!

“What’s cookin?”

That question can mean many things;

 I’m hungry- are you doing anything or have you got a minute.

So, what’s cookin in your life? Are you at work or at home?

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Psalm 9

Psalm 9 “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart.

During this busy time of the year when we are most apt to focus on

so many other things how to we begin to create an attitude of deep gratitude.

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