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The Earth is the Lord's Psalm 24

Have you ever seen the cartoon with the Mom hanging the wash out on the clothesline  and she hangs the kids on the line with the laundry. That is one busy mom! We sometimes get our priorities mixed up, just like that mom.

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The Shepherd -Our Shepherd

This week I am combining my blog and devotional because the devotional is about Psalm 23 and my blog is about The Shepherd, my Shepherd-your Shepherd

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Tea at Family of Christ

Nelle Cooper guest speaker at the Ladies Tea at Family of Christ in Imlay City on April 26

All alone -

Psalm 22- Have you ever felt alone? Really and totally alone?

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Follow the recipe!

Follow the recipe! That's what my great-grandmother told my grandma, and my grandma told my mother, and my mother told me.

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