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The Shepherd -Our Shepherd

This week I am combining my blog and devotional because the devotional is about Psalm 23 and my blog is about The Shepherd, my Shepherd-your Shepherd


Today's devotional subject is Psalm 23. This Psalm is of particular significance to me for two reasons; the first is because when I was a young child, my mother was in the hospital and my grandmother came to stay for a few days. During her visit, she read my brother and I, Psalm 23. She told us about the role of a shepherd and explained why this Psalm was so meaningful. Then she challenged us, if we would memorize the Psalm, she would give us each a Bible. Needless to say we were busy for the next several days and we earned our first Bible. The second reason happened many years later when I read W. Phillip Keller's book "A Shepherd Looks at the Twenty-third Psalm". This is a wonderful book. It offers so much depth and meaning to the role of the shepherd and the characteristic of sheep.

So many times in my life I have pulled from my memory, and repeated quietly to myself, this beautiful Psalm. It never fails to draw me to the wonder of The Shepherd, my Shepherd. How it comforts me in times of anxiety. How it stills my soul. How it provides balm in the anguish of loss. How it fortifies me when I struggle to face a challenge. Did my grandmother know those many years ago, I would draw on that Psalm throughout my life?

Please take a few moments today and read the 23rd Psalm. Read it several times and if you have not committed it to memory, this may be the day to begin. Also I hope you will read W. Phillip Keller's book. The facts he shares will offer you a new depth of understanding.

May your day land jelly-side up, and my you be richly blessed as you read this most beautiful Psalm.