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Deb Potts "Making Peace with Prickly People

Making Peace with Prickly People an interview with author and speaker Deb Potts
Good Morning Deb, I am excited to have you stop by Mulberry Hill today and share some thoughts about your new book “Making Peace with Prickly People”. I want to tell you, I read your book last weekend and am so excited about the message you shared. I certainly learned so much about getting behind the eyes of another and seeking to have more fulfilling relationships. I welcome you today.

Nelle: This is your first book, right? Why this book, why now?
Deb: I have to laugh when I think about that question. In sixth grade my teacher made a prediction about what I was going to do when I grew up. She said I would soon be at J.L. Hudson’s autographing my first book. I laugh because J.L. Hudson’s doesn’t exist anymore, my book is an e-book, and I am way beyond sixth grade.
There is no better time to share the good news about peace with God through Jesus Christ than now. There have been many books written on the topic, and yet we still lack peace in our relationships. I would say conflict and lack of peace is a very real issue today.
Nelle: Do you speak from experience in conflict?
Deb: Absolutely! I spent many years in conflict. I didn’t understand the people around me; I thought they would be better off if they were just like me. I couldn’t agree with their points of view, and I didn’t see eye to eye with them. I tried to change them but surprisingly, they didn’t want to change. I misinterpreted the things they said, and I easily got my feelings hurt. At times I got angry. Sometimes bitterness consumed me.
Nelle: What changed that for you?
Deb: I started to learn about personality theory. That lit up a huge light bulb in my life and my relationships. I finally understood why those prickly people annoyed me. I understood why they were so different from me. I started to “get” their points of view and appreciate their gifts. I stopped thinking about “the world would be a better place if everyone were just like me.” I was able to forgive and move away from bitterness and anger. I learned how to appreciate people who were different from me and began to see my relationships with them improve.
Nelle: You write extensively about Jesus’s personality in this book. Why?
Deb: Jesus is fully human and fully God all at the same time, but I think we often discount His humanness. Jesus experienced life just as we do, with all the feelings and emotions and struggles we have. Only He did it without sin. What this means is that Jesus knows each of us like the back of His own hand. He knows what if feels like to be in our skin. We can each relate to Jesus because He understands us better than any other human being ever could.
Nelle: Your book is dedicated to a ministry called Mushalaha. Can you share something about that decision?
Deb: Sure. I recently visited the Holy Lands and learned first-hand about the conflict and pain from both the Christian and Palestinian point of view.
 I learned about the ministry called Mushalaha which works to promote reconciliation demonstrating the life and teachings of Jesus. There is a postscript in my book about their work and why I am contributing a tithe. Information about the group can be reviewed at
Nelle: The e-book has been released and I read about the workbook, what comes next?
Deb: The print version is coming soon, and I have plans for an audio version after that. I have actually been doing workshops for Christian groups on this subject since 2009, and I hope to continue to present those.
Nelle: I must add here that I have enjoyed knowing you through our Toastmasters group and I can imagine you workshops would be both fun and informative. How can our readers get more information?
Deb: Visit my website, sign up for the newsletter and free offers. They can also connect with me on facebook, google+, and twitter. Every other month I send out a newsletter. It always includes a free gift for my readers. When the books are released there will be links to direct readers to Amazon.
Nelle: Thank you so much for taking time out from your busy schedule to visit with me at Mulberry Hill.