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"It's not yesterday."

Welcome to Mulberry Hill "It's Not Yesterday"

My Aunt Helen lived in today--- she never mentioned what happened yesterday. If she made a dress that didn't fit- she altered the pattern (so it would be correct the next time she used it) ripped out a seam or two, made a couple darts and wore the dress.


She enjoyed cooking and baking. If a recipe didn't turn out, she simply said, "The next time, it looks like I need to add a little of this or use less of that." 

If we got lost going somewhere she would glance around and say, "Now we have an adventure."

I loved my Aunt Helen. I've wondered over the years if being a tall woman, topped with crimson hair predisposed her to having a sense of humor and a practical outlook. But, she had more.... she had mirth, hope and perseverance. Without exclaiming or preaching, Aunt Helen taught me above all else, "It's not yesterday!"

May your day land Jelly Side Up.